Tips to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem which is encountered by millions of men around the world. If you are one of those men that suffer from premature ejaculation, you can find guides which you can use to get rid of this condition below. There is no drug or pill which can effectively treat premature ejaculation, so you should save your money by not investing in any bogus pill or drug. The use of natural methods can be effective for treating premature ejaculation when applied the appropriate way. The tips to stop premature ejaculation are:

Premature ejaculation can be linked to a particular sexual position. If there is a preferred sexual position which usually arises to early ejaculation, then I suggest you should always omit it. Attempt the various sex positions you know so you will satisfy your lover first. You can also attempt to switch positions when you sense that you are near to climaxing. When you move from one position to a new one, it will give time for a little sever in stimulation. It is adequate to decelerate things for a moment.

Conceive clear thoughts

At the time you are about to release change gears. You should have your mind on the entire laundry you will do, the bills you need to pay or the work agenda you have to do. Try not to center your mind on your lover’s perfect body or the thrill of nice feelings throbbing through your system. Deflect your attention for awhile and engross back into the lovemaking.


Among the simplest way you can utilize to extender your sex moment is to masturbate prior to making love with your love. As soon as you release the force out, you will no longer be more sensitive and you can put your mind on your partner. You can carry it out along with your love or do it solely on your own.